Don’t let shingles be your story.

Mr. Lee

The shots of pain would come every couple of minutes. And then you would just pray that it goes off quickly. It was like somebody was turning a screw into my skin.

Mr. Lee, 56 y.o.

Patient diagnosed with shingles

Ms. Chia

My mom had it about 10 years ago. She says the shingles pain remains even after all these years.

Ms. Chia, 49 y.o.

Carer of a patient diagnosed with shingles

Mr. Sulaiman

The pain was so intense, even when moving my mouth to chew something. I sincerely wish that nobody has to go through this kind of pain.

Mr. Sulaiman

Retelling of the shingles story of Mr. KT Ng, 83 y.o.

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Shingles is not contagious but the exudate or liquid from the rash can still transmit the chickenpox virus to unprotected people around you. While it is possible for the virus to be transmitted from a person with active shingles to someone who has never had chickenpox, the person would develop chickenpox instead of shingles.1 You are generally considered non-contagious once the rash has dried up and crusted over. 

Caregivers of young children should take precautions if they are around infants who have not been vaccinated for chickenpox. 

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